Sunday, April 15, 2012

4 am

So clearly my kiddos x 3 have forgotten how to sleep. They are up at 4am and dont nap. Urggggg its worse than a new born. They want to get up and eat and play ect. I so hope to sleep again one day.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

my 30th year

eeks did i just admit thatI am 30...not only barely 30 i am 30 and a half. I have a list of 31 thing I want to do before I am 31, So here is my list.

1. Go bridge jumping ( something that growing up was a big no no)
2. Go repeling
3. White Water Rafting
4. Get my whole house purged, organized and painted
5. Fit back into my wedding dress
6. Learn a new talent
7. Go to Las Vegas   ***done***
8. Go up the calgary tower
9. Run a 5km race
10. Write 10 letters to people that have had a huge impact on me
11. Read the Book of Mormon...not just read it truley study it.
12. Take my whole family camping
13. Donate Blood
14. spend at least 3 one on one dates with my 4 kiddos
15. volunteer at a community event
16. let my gaurd down allowing others to know me
17. Get shape
18. organize a games night
19. Spend more time with family
20. Plan and pull off a surprise trip for gary
21. Go to the Calgary Stampede
22. Ride the ride that goes across the stampede
23. Girls trip to the temple
24. Go 10 days with out facebook
25. Blog once a day for 30 days in a row ****day2****
26. go to shakespeare in the park
27. be secure with who i am
28. read the twilight series
29. make a meal plan for every week for a month a stick to it
30. write down my memories of my kiddos before i forget them
31. go ziplining with Jae

so some of these are kinda on the serious side....but hey its my blog and my list.
i will keep you updated....a lot are in the works.

Hugs and Kisses


Friday, April 13, 2012

Should I Blog....

Gunna admit I check everyday to see if people have blogged and feel dissapointed when they haven't. Yet I am the worlds worst blogger. Which leads me to think maybe I should give up my blog. But today I re-read some posts and it made me realise that I miss my blog and the memories I have written here that I had forgotten about. So some deep thinking and re evaluation and the blog is back. I want to make it cute so I like looking at it. And fill it with memories of our family.

If any of you have any favorite blog background websites, and can tell me how to add acute font please let me know.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our first family Vacation

So we have done it. We actually went on and survived our first family vacation (that wasn't to familys houses) since the triplets where born.

We went up to Kimberley to stay in our friends condo. It was awesome. The 6 hour drive consisted of Luke pointing out every cow, horse and bird along the way. Seriously the kid didn't sleep so we got a recap of all the animals, if there wasn't animals around then we were informed of every truck that went by. Taylor kept asking when will we be there and commenting on the fact that we were in the mountains, then asking if we were still in the mountains. Livie tried to escape her car seat the whole drive and when daddy actually wired the clip shut she screamed the rest of the way. Darling sweet Sophie is my favorite traveller, she played quietly with her baby and ate her snacks.

On the way home we stopped at the Radium Hotsprings, where I was reminded that it doesn't matter how bad you look in your swimming suit. Some tourist is going to have an outfit/swimsuit combo that makes you look like a model. I kid you not.

It was nice to be able to go on a vacation with our kids, it was a reminder of how far we have come in 3 years. We were able to go on walks with out the wagon or the stroller, look in shops, go swimming with just the 6 of us. Spent time listening to our kids babble (and they babble a lot), and just kick back and relax and enjoy one another.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh How I have negelegted you

Never fear I am on my way back with more mayhem stories of potty training and such! Stayed tuned.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Confession Time...I buy boxes of Tim Bits and eat the ones I like and feed the cast off ones to my kids. Terrible I know, okay maybe not terrible but definitely selfish.

Confession...I am pleasantly plumper then I want to be cause I pick food off my kids plate. (seriously the food they drop on the floor could feed a small country in why waste perfectly good food that is still on the plate)

Confession...I often say yes with out realising what I have said yes to just to get a darling 4 year old out of my hair. I should really start paying more attention to what she is saying cause one day its going to come back to haunt me

Confession... I dance around like an idiot dancing to songs on play list.

Confession... I still think I am a great dancer even though the looks four kids are giving me tells me otherwise.

Confession...I often feel like I am living a life that isn't my own...hahahahaha oh right I have 4 kids, it isn't my own life

Confession... I love staying up far to late, Yet when I can drag myself out of bed I love the early morning

Confession...Smells Like Teen Spirit is playing on my play list

Confession...I prefer to eat fruit loops over any "adult" type cereal

Confession...I love living with the chaos of kids (most days)

Confession... I love having people over

Confession...I still think that if i wish hard enough and dream the dream that one day I will have the body I had in High School

Confession...I love being a mom, though some days it pushes me the the very edge of sanity

Confession...I have an awesome circle of friends...and I was lucky enough to have it grow after henfest 2010 (a blog post on this is coming soon)

Confession...I love to organize things and people to get stuff done

Confession...My 4 year old has suddenly become a big moral compass in my life especially when she decided that some had to be "nice first, mom" and went and talked to our neighbor.

Confession...I had the best night with Taylor tonight...I really took the time to stop and listen and play and have her help get stuff ready for tomorrow.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

My kids...and Jace

Sophie, Luke, Taylor, Livie, and Jace (sitting on Taylor)

So its been awhile since I posted about my kids. Their personalities have been changing so much lately so I thought I would make lists about each one.

1. She loves being a big sister
2. She has become super independent
3. She talks about is going to school next year (this gives me mixed feelings)
4. She loves to play with her friends
5. She likes to pretend to be Laura from Little House on the Prairie
6. She tells us every day that Luke needs a brother
7. She has this weird love for all things ladybug
8. She wants to live at the zoo when she is old and make money having cows
9. She loves to watch movies about cow c-sections (i know she is odd)
10. She is already asking about camping and sleeping on the trampoline

1. She should never be underestimated because she is small (she is very feisty)
2. She loves to eat, especially yogurt, toast, and cheese
3. She has the funniest laugh
4. She like to be the boss
5. She thinks its funny to hide in the TV stand and scare her siblings
6. She also thinks its funny to hide their favorite toys
7. She is super independent
8. She loves to try and put on her own shoes
9. She always pulls one arm out of her shirt and put it through the neck hole
10. She loves to spin in circles

1. He has found a love for trains and tractors
2. He thinks its funny to throw his food off his tray then steal his sisters food and eat it while they cry.
3. He will do anything to escape the house and get out side
4. He climbs up on the stool next to the sink and eats the dish soap bubbles (so gross)
5. He hates bugs
6. He loves to cuddle and and give kisses
7. He can systematically empty the toys from the living room into my kitchen
8. He loves to jump on the trampoline
9. He loves the playground and climbing on all the equipment
10. He thinks its funny to sit on his sisters

1. She loves Corb Lund and loves to dance to him
2. She is my cuddliest child
3. She always has a book in her hand
4. She loves dolls
5. She loves to wear dresses
6. She is my peace keeper
7. She always tries to give hugs to everyone
8. She plays shy with most people
9. She loves Taylor
10. She loves to give kisses

Jace (my darling sweet nephew):

We love him tons and need to see him a bunch more!!!