Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finally Brave

So this morning I finally tackled a new adventure that I have been putting off...Church with all 4 kids by my self. Gary was at the school studying today and so I figured I would just stay home with the kids and take it easy, but Taylor had other plans. She was excited that it was Sunday and she wanted to get her dress on and go to church. It wasn't as bad as I anticipated, thanks to the great sisters in our ward and an awesome friend. The biggest shinning moment was that I was only 10 minutes late. YAY

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Three times the work or three times the blessings?

So latlely I have been reading blogs of other triplet moms and talking to a few and I am starting to feel a little uneasy of the up-comming years...especially when i think about them all starting to crawl and walk at the same time. So I have been thinking is it really three times the work or three times the blessings?

I have decided it is both. I love our little ones and they have brought great joy and happiness to our home, they have also brought lots of tears, doubts and frustration as well. But when I way it all out the joy and happiness they have brought greatly out weighs the not so great stuff. So my new saying is three times the work, but three times the blessings.

Just as a side note to this post...

So latley when I have gone out with the babies and Taylor I hear a lot of people say that they are so glad that it's not them, or ask what I was thinking actually agreeing to carry all 3 (when you are having triplets you have the option for selctive not me), or many people telling what a horrible life I must have. Then on the other hand I have people tell me that it is a great blessing to have 3 healthy babies, and a toddler to bring so much love to our home, or tell me how special it is to have triplets. So as I have pondered these things that have been said to me I have made a couple conclusions

1. All the negitive comments I have gotten have come from us through and through Canadians

2. All the positive comments have come from people whos families are immagrents to canada.

Why is it that a majority of Canadians see having multiple babies at a time as the most horrible thing to ever happen to a person, while other cultures see it as a great blessing and a privlage. Has the world really turned that many people into negtive doom sayers....that can't see the blessings for what it is...A BLESSING not a TRAGEDY???

Just something to ponder.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Quick Update

So it has been a long time since I lasted posted, then I started to wonder where September and October had gone. It seems like we finally got into the swing of fall and winter is now quickly comming.

Our not so little family has been keeping us very busy. Taylor is playing soccer and in a dance class. The babies are getting bigger all the time and are becoming way more interactive...which Taylor is loving.

Seeing as I haven't posted pictures for awhile I'll post some pictures and try and be more faithful in blogging about our "cRaZy" life that we have...but love.
In the next couple days I will get the pictures from Taylors Birthday, the Baby Blessings and Halloween stay tuned