Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear Nosey Neighbour

Dear Nosey Neighbour,

Your constant need to watch our every move is getting old, not to mention creepy. I have come to the conclusion that you must lead very boring lives and have no social life if our every coming and going is of such great interest to you.

Half empty beer cans that coincidental match the numerous beer cans in your yard some how seem to jump the fence and get into our yard. I don't need my 4 year old and my 21 month olds exposed to the taste, but thanks for sharing.

We did not bring skunks to the neighbour hood...its called we live 2 blocks from the edge of town...maybe its you dog food that attracted them or the dead animal smell on the back of your truck.

You don't own the street. Your van is always parked so it doesn't affect your drive way but look over it blocks our ability to pull in straight and makes it almost impossible to park 3 cars across like we should be able to with out some crafty driving. P.S. you don't own the road its public property, if your "spot" isn't available to your liking do what the rest of the world does park somewhere else for the night.

Do you have the by law officer on speed dial...if so do they know you by name now or just by the witchy tone in your voice.

Funny thing when you are going to bad mouth me...don't act so shocked that i heard your...your windows where open and face into mine.

Maybe instead of being so interested in my life try paying attention to what you teenage daughter is up to.


so i only wish i had the guts to send this to them, but i won't but it sure nice to blog my letter

Monday, February 22, 2010

a new 10 list...10 things that have happend lately

It has been a while since I blogged about the randomness in my life so once again here is a 10 list.

1. Gary and I are going away this weekend...the first time we have gone anywhere by our selves since Taylor was born

2. Jessa and Jaime may never want to watch our kids again after this weekend

3. Heather Rocks

4. I still hate barf..this was reinforced by 3 21month olds who did this for 3 days and don't understand the to barf on the carpet...couch...chair...or siblings rule. So mom followed them around with the carpet cleaner and many baths

5. Livie loves to look at her self in puddles

6. Livie hates falling in said puddles when she has bent over to far to see herself

7. I am often Hangry (yup you read it right)

8. Luke may have to have surgery (poor boy)

9. Sophie may need glasses

10. My life is still crazy but a ton of fun

Weight loss up date!

So yeasterday was weigh in and though i wish i had lost more weight, i was still happy with the results. So far I have lost 6 pounds and 2 inches from my waist and my hips and 1 inch off each arm and leg. It did how ever inspire me to push even harder and that is exactly what I did this morning at my workout and my abs and legs are hating me right now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yup so this pretty much sums up how things are here. I feel like I am treading water and it never gets easier though on the bright side it doesn't seem to get any harder either. I just wish that I knew what to do to make things easier.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I fear the terrible twos have hit this house early....not so sure how its going to turn out but I am sure there are going to be great stories to go along with it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge

So i am in a weight loss challenge with 4 other friends and I am really enjoying it, I am feeling better, less cranky and have more energy. That being said I am still struggling with it as well so I have decided to take the big step of telling the blogging world what my start weight was so that then Its out there and I will look at it all the time and want it to change so bad that it motivates me to work harder. So here it is 204. I am gringing that i just put that out there...but it is a starting point and I am a work in progress.