Thursday, April 29, 2010

My kids...and Jace

Sophie, Luke, Taylor, Livie, and Jace (sitting on Taylor)

So its been awhile since I posted about my kids. Their personalities have been changing so much lately so I thought I would make lists about each one.

1. She loves being a big sister
2. She has become super independent
3. She talks about is going to school next year (this gives me mixed feelings)
4. She loves to play with her friends
5. She likes to pretend to be Laura from Little House on the Prairie
6. She tells us every day that Luke needs a brother
7. She has this weird love for all things ladybug
8. She wants to live at the zoo when she is old and make money having cows
9. She loves to watch movies about cow c-sections (i know she is odd)
10. She is already asking about camping and sleeping on the trampoline

1. She should never be underestimated because she is small (she is very feisty)
2. She loves to eat, especially yogurt, toast, and cheese
3. She has the funniest laugh
4. She like to be the boss
5. She thinks its funny to hide in the TV stand and scare her siblings
6. She also thinks its funny to hide their favorite toys
7. She is super independent
8. She loves to try and put on her own shoes
9. She always pulls one arm out of her shirt and put it through the neck hole
10. She loves to spin in circles

1. He has found a love for trains and tractors
2. He thinks its funny to throw his food off his tray then steal his sisters food and eat it while they cry.
3. He will do anything to escape the house and get out side
4. He climbs up on the stool next to the sink and eats the dish soap bubbles (so gross)
5. He hates bugs
6. He loves to cuddle and and give kisses
7. He can systematically empty the toys from the living room into my kitchen
8. He loves to jump on the trampoline
9. He loves the playground and climbing on all the equipment
10. He thinks its funny to sit on his sisters

1. She loves Corb Lund and loves to dance to him
2. She is my cuddliest child
3. She always has a book in her hand
4. She loves dolls
5. She loves to wear dresses
6. She is my peace keeper
7. She always tries to give hugs to everyone
8. She plays shy with most people
9. She loves Taylor
10. She loves to give kisses

Jace (my darling sweet nephew):

We love him tons and need to see him a bunch more!!!


Saturday, April 24, 2010


So this is Heather (aka Hatter)...Oh how we have missed her. Heather has left us to further her education, somehow she thought she could replace all of the kids that love her by taking a band class. LOL.

We love Heather, Taylor will tell you she is her best friend (but has decided its okay to share Hatter with Raygan), Livie, Luke and Sophie will say the miss the extra cuddles, and I will say that I miss all the extra help and her great personality.

I have decided the best way to describe Heather is in a series of here we go.

Reasons we miss Heather:

1. Taylor misses her truck
2. I miss having another adult to talk to during the day
3. Triplets miss all the extra cuddles
4. No more preschool
5. Yummy cookie monster cookies
6. All the extra help (seriously she is amazing)

Reasons Heather May not miss us:

1. Cleaning up Sophies mess (heather will know what this means)
2. The 4 hours it takes to clean out the high chairs and sweep the floor
3. Taylor deciding to be mad at her for the day
4. 4 needy kids and a strange mom
5. Her days are no longer filled with changing diapers and wiping faces

Funniest things found on Heathers I Pod (Must admit I love the variation):

1. Linda Ronstadt (need I say more)
2. The Moffets (thanks for the flash back)
3. Cat in the Car
4. Bill Cosby
5. The last Saskatchewan Pirate
6. Humgumbagumagba (No I am not making it up this is a song title of a song on her I Pod)

Why we love Heather:

1. She love our kids
2. She is so funny
3. Very understanding
4. Helps me regain my sanity
5. Is willing to play the camera game
6. can watch Mary Poppins and Pete's Dragon with Taylor and not fall asleep
7. She is so patient with all of us
8. Her truck - Taylor loves Heathers truck(even though it almost ran me over without a driver being in it)
9. She takes teasing really well
10. She understands me and my oddities which makes me feel all the more at ease

Heather we miss you and hope that you are enjoying school. Taylor has already written you a four page letter so be prepared for a fat envelope coming soon. Thanks for all your help, and know that Taylor is already counting the days till you come back.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So after 3 weeks of kids being sick we have finally gotten over it!!! YAY. Also I am happy to report I was able to give my talk on sunday with out passing out and only a few more tears then should have been appropriate.

Friday, April 9, 2010

5 minutes

this is what my living room looks like in 5 minutes of unsupervised play.


My poor kids are now going onto week 2 of being sick. We have had pink eye, double ear infections, noses that run consistently, super hacky coughs and croaky voices. Throw in teething and fevers just for fun and it pretty much sums up our house. I am so ready for what has infected this house to get and and leave.