Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My 1st 'MooN'light Run!

Last Saturday I participated in my 1st moonlight run...well I may have just taken the name of the run a tad bit seriously. No word of a lie 300 people saw more of my back end then anyone should see.

Any one who knows me was not surprised to find out such an odd and embarrassing moment would happen to me...for my life has been full of odd and embarrassing moments.

Lets start this odd and embarrassing story from the beginning...

1. Daring someone to wear BRIGHT YELLOW pants during the run often results in you to wearing BRIGHT YELLOW pants.

2. Dressing in the van...well I am not 12 anymore and I have 5 car seats in said van...enough said!

3. Wearing glow sticks attached to toque makes the yellow pants you are wearing that much more noticeable.

4. Love Dancing around to my music waiting for run to start

5. Getting caught up in music which leads to forgetting to tighten up BRIGHT YELLOW pants leads to odd and embarrassing moments

6. Playing human frogger fun idea...not a fun idea with pants around knees

7. Getting pointed and laughed at as an adult a tad bit funnier then when younger

8. Beating dumb college kids that pointed and laughed at poor girl with BRIGHT YELLOW pants around her knees up the hill very satisfying!

If the list did not make my awkward experience apparent I'll break it down for you. If you want the back story about the yellow pants then that is a whole other post. Which you will get at a later date.

I am nervously waiting to start my 1st run not tied to a triathlon, having a great time dancing around to make music, making random conversations at a loud volume to be heard over all of our music and trying not to think about how bad i have to pee (dang nerves), and if I was really going to run up the huge hill and before i know it the signal to start running goes.

I am doing great, start running, feeling like I am in a pack of stampeding cattle and waiting for the crowed to thin a bit. I get to the top of the hill and start heading down, when all of a sudden I feel BRIGHT YELLOW pants sliding down. I tug at them to pull them up, and being grateful for my running shorts that I have underneath. I keep on running not missing a beat, pants start to slide again, tug them up again. I start thinking okay when i get to the bottom and we are not all so bunched up I will stop and pull up and cinch up my pants and continue with the run.
When all of a sudden my BRIGHT YELLOW pants are around my knees. Oh freaking Crap, so trying to to trip and stumble I lean slightly forward to grab my BRIGHT YELLOW pants and as I lean over my running shorts slight further off my butt. So be the graceful person I am (not), I am holding the back of my jacket down and running shorts up with one hand and my BRIGHT YELLOW pants up with the other and proceed to try and get over to the side where I can stop and get everything fixed. Then the game of human frogger comes into play as i try to dodge hundreds of runners and not get ran over...while playing human frogger I got pointed at and laughed at my some big dumb college boys ( i know I sound so immature). Get everything fixed and start running again. Had a great moment when passed big dumb college boys on hill.

Moral of the story...even though wearing running shorts up where they belong prior to running may be uncomfortable and not doing up pants tight for same reason...leads to a very odd and embarrassing moment.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yay for me I went and indulged myslef with and hour long massage today. It felt so good. But you know me my mind doesn't ever take a break so I was formulating thoughts which then turned into lists and so here we go another blog that is mostly made up of a list.

1. Does anyone else feel the need to very quickly get undressed and get under the blankets cause you stress out about how soon the lady is comming back?? I do!

2. I am not so fond of massage therpaist that try and have a conversation for the whole duration of the massage...I am trying to relax not make awkward conversation

3. Warm Oil Good---Cold oil me jump 3 inches off table

4. When they ask you to roll over onto your back there is no gracefull way of doing it so you end up with spastic movemets making it all the more awkward

5. When falling asleep on the massage table don't dream about falling cause the jerking action that follows that dream makes the massage therapist jump 3 inches off the ground

6. I love the ring around the face and crazy hair look after massage

7. have you ever noticed that people do not always look oh so pretty leaving the spa...they look relaxed but not oh so pretty

8. 1 hour of selfish time should be perscribed once a month to all women

Well that is that and I am off to bed.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What was I thinking??

So people who know me well will be shocked by the following news.


this takes me so far out of my comfort zone that my stomach hurts already and I still have almost 3 weeks until I talk.

In high school I told my bishop after almost passing out while giving my talk that I would never speak in church again until my brother went on a mission. So unless I missed the memo that my brother was going on a mission...or that my old bishop never attached the memo about me not speaking in church again, I am giving a talk.
And in true Michelle Blogging Form here is my Top 10 reasons why talking in church stresses me out. (this is for you erin)

1. I shake like a leaf and almost get sick when i have to pray in Sacrament
2. I seriously like to get to church early to sit in the back
3. I don't like a lot of people looking at me
4. I almost pass out when i have to look at everyone else
5. I will have hives from the stress of it the morining of.
6. Seriously we are never to church on time (maybe this is a ploy to get us there on time.)
7. I cry
8. I have this huge fear of passing out while people are looking at me.
9. I tend to make awkward jokes thinking its hiding my fear when really its not
10. I invision having to give said talk with Sophie on my hip
11. The topic "Leaning on the Savior" is definatly a topic that will make me cry
12 i don't do well sharing personal experiences with others around me...its hard to do so even with the ones I love let alone the whole ward
13. lets go back to the fact I cry
14. I have this huge fear that i will get done giving my talk and realise that i have a button on my shirt undone, or a big lovely sticky kids hand print on me
15. I will not be able to eat for the next 3 weeks cause i will be worried about throwing it up while giving a talk
16. I really don't like being the center of attention (which has been a huge struggle seeing as I am a mom of triplets and we kinda stick out).

Okay so my list is longer then 10 items and the sad thing is I could keep going. I am sure I will make it through it. If you are from our ward and are reading this post maybe you can all wear blindfolds that day so that its less people looking at me...better yet I should where the blindfold, but that would lead to whole bunch of other complications cause I don't read brail and I can't memorize a whole talk any more....


Monday, March 8, 2010

My Waiting Room List

Okay generally I go to appointments expecting to wait at least a reasonable amount of time to be seen. I come prepared with snacks, books, toys ect. But today was so out of control. The whole time there I was making lists...What I would rather be doing, my guesses as to why we are still waiting and general observations of people in the waiting room. So here we go you get 3 lists today.

10 things I would rather be doing:

1. keeping my toddler contained at home
2. putting said toddler for a nap
3. cleaning my toilets
4. cleaning someone Else's toilets
5. doing laundry
6. flossing my teeth
7. Sitting in the dentist chair
8. sitting with a full bladder waiting for and ultra sound
9. Sleeping
10. Waiting for any other dr. that seems to have staff that gets the filing system.

10 Guesses to why we are still waiting

1. Some how even though they checked us in our appointment isn't really until the next day and they just think its funny to see how long i will wait for
2. The dr. got abducted by aliens between exam room 1 and 2
3. The secretary just randomly puts files in the waiting to be seen slot
4. The nurses are pulling files from both sides never seeming to get to the 2 files in the middle
5. Said secretary and nurses don't seem to catch on that there is one mom that has been waiting for 2 hours and one for an hour and a half
6. Some how my clock keeps moving and no one elses does
7 Other patients have bribed staff to get in as soon as they walk in the door
8. I am having an outer body experience and decided that sitting in the waiting room would be a great place to have said experience
9. i am being punished---for what i never got that far
10. Maybe i need to learn a lesson in patience ( seriously lesson learned i am the mom of 4 kids 4 and under)

10 General observations

1. People look shocked when they get called in as soon as the get seated, they are expecting a wait that never came (your welcome another mom and I did all the waiting for everyone)
2. I saw a man and wife with the same haircut...right out of the 80's someone forgot to tell them that mullets are not cool
3. First time parents come way over will never use a overnight sized diaper bags worth of stuff for one appointment
4. Its a rip off to pay for parking
5. they at least have good books to read in the waiting room
6. there is never enough seats
7. there were 14 cheerios left on the floor by others and Luke found them all
8. I waited 8 times longer then the dr. saw us for
9. luke is the size of most 1 year olds in the office
10. I really hate waiting

Thursday, March 4, 2010

YAY for the SuN!

I am loving spring...It is so nice to wake up and the sun is shining and there isn't the great need to run really fast into my clostet to find the warmest clothes I can find and put them on. The kids are loving it too. Yeasterday afternoon the 3 monkeys played out side on the deck and came and went from the living room to the deck...they love watching the kids at the school play on the school grounds. Taylor is excited to get to pull out the side walk chalk and her bike again.