Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My 1st 'MooN'light Run!

Last Saturday I participated in my 1st moonlight run...well I may have just taken the name of the run a tad bit seriously. No word of a lie 300 people saw more of my back end then anyone should see.

Any one who knows me was not surprised to find out such an odd and embarrassing moment would happen to me...for my life has been full of odd and embarrassing moments.

Lets start this odd and embarrassing story from the beginning...

1. Daring someone to wear BRIGHT YELLOW pants during the run often results in you to wearing BRIGHT YELLOW pants.

2. Dressing in the van...well I am not 12 anymore and I have 5 car seats in said van...enough said!

3. Wearing glow sticks attached to toque makes the yellow pants you are wearing that much more noticeable.

4. Love Dancing around to my music waiting for run to start

5. Getting caught up in music which leads to forgetting to tighten up BRIGHT YELLOW pants leads to odd and embarrassing moments

6. Playing human frogger fun idea...not a fun idea with pants around knees

7. Getting pointed and laughed at as an adult a tad bit funnier then when younger

8. Beating dumb college kids that pointed and laughed at poor girl with BRIGHT YELLOW pants around her knees up the hill very satisfying!

If the list did not make my awkward experience apparent I'll break it down for you. If you want the back story about the yellow pants then that is a whole other post. Which you will get at a later date.

I am nervously waiting to start my 1st run not tied to a triathlon, having a great time dancing around to make music, making random conversations at a loud volume to be heard over all of our music and trying not to think about how bad i have to pee (dang nerves), and if I was really going to run up the huge hill and before i know it the signal to start running goes.

I am doing great, start running, feeling like I am in a pack of stampeding cattle and waiting for the crowed to thin a bit. I get to the top of the hill and start heading down, when all of a sudden I feel BRIGHT YELLOW pants sliding down. I tug at them to pull them up, and being grateful for my running shorts that I have underneath. I keep on running not missing a beat, pants start to slide again, tug them up again. I start thinking okay when i get to the bottom and we are not all so bunched up I will stop and pull up and cinch up my pants and continue with the run.
When all of a sudden my BRIGHT YELLOW pants are around my knees. Oh freaking Crap, so trying to to trip and stumble I lean slightly forward to grab my BRIGHT YELLOW pants and as I lean over my running shorts slight further off my butt. So be the graceful person I am (not), I am holding the back of my jacket down and running shorts up with one hand and my BRIGHT YELLOW pants up with the other and proceed to try and get over to the side where I can stop and get everything fixed. Then the game of human frogger comes into play as i try to dodge hundreds of runners and not get ran over...while playing human frogger I got pointed at and laughed at my some big dumb college boys ( i know I sound so immature). Get everything fixed and start running again. Had a great moment when passed big dumb college boys on hill.

Moral of the story...even though wearing running shorts up where they belong prior to running may be uncomfortable and not doing up pants tight for same reason...leads to a very odd and embarrassing moment.


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Anonymous said...

I am so impressed that you even did the run! You should be proud of yourself Michelle!