Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yay for me I went and indulged myslef with and hour long massage today. It felt so good. But you know me my mind doesn't ever take a break so I was formulating thoughts which then turned into lists and so here we go another blog that is mostly made up of a list.

1. Does anyone else feel the need to very quickly get undressed and get under the blankets cause you stress out about how soon the lady is comming back?? I do!

2. I am not so fond of massage therpaist that try and have a conversation for the whole duration of the massage...I am trying to relax not make awkward conversation

3. Warm Oil Good---Cold oil me jump 3 inches off table

4. When they ask you to roll over onto your back there is no gracefull way of doing it so you end up with spastic movemets making it all the more awkward

5. When falling asleep on the massage table don't dream about falling cause the jerking action that follows that dream makes the massage therapist jump 3 inches off the ground

6. I love the ring around the face and crazy hair look after massage

7. have you ever noticed that people do not always look oh so pretty leaving the spa...they look relaxed but not oh so pretty

8. 1 hour of selfish time should be perscribed once a month to all women

Well that is that and I am off to bed.


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Erin said...

the first time i went for a massage i thought what is up with my face, i have a circle around it. too funny