Monday, March 8, 2010

My Waiting Room List

Okay generally I go to appointments expecting to wait at least a reasonable amount of time to be seen. I come prepared with snacks, books, toys ect. But today was so out of control. The whole time there I was making lists...What I would rather be doing, my guesses as to why we are still waiting and general observations of people in the waiting room. So here we go you get 3 lists today.

10 things I would rather be doing:

1. keeping my toddler contained at home
2. putting said toddler for a nap
3. cleaning my toilets
4. cleaning someone Else's toilets
5. doing laundry
6. flossing my teeth
7. Sitting in the dentist chair
8. sitting with a full bladder waiting for and ultra sound
9. Sleeping
10. Waiting for any other dr. that seems to have staff that gets the filing system.

10 Guesses to why we are still waiting

1. Some how even though they checked us in our appointment isn't really until the next day and they just think its funny to see how long i will wait for
2. The dr. got abducted by aliens between exam room 1 and 2
3. The secretary just randomly puts files in the waiting to be seen slot
4. The nurses are pulling files from both sides never seeming to get to the 2 files in the middle
5. Said secretary and nurses don't seem to catch on that there is one mom that has been waiting for 2 hours and one for an hour and a half
6. Some how my clock keeps moving and no one elses does
7 Other patients have bribed staff to get in as soon as they walk in the door
8. I am having an outer body experience and decided that sitting in the waiting room would be a great place to have said experience
9. i am being punished---for what i never got that far
10. Maybe i need to learn a lesson in patience ( seriously lesson learned i am the mom of 4 kids 4 and under)

10 General observations

1. People look shocked when they get called in as soon as the get seated, they are expecting a wait that never came (your welcome another mom and I did all the waiting for everyone)
2. I saw a man and wife with the same haircut...right out of the 80's someone forgot to tell them that mullets are not cool
3. First time parents come way over will never use a overnight sized diaper bags worth of stuff for one appointment
4. Its a rip off to pay for parking
5. they at least have good books to read in the waiting room
6. there is never enough seats
7. there were 14 cheerios left on the floor by others and Luke found them all
8. I waited 8 times longer then the dr. saw us for
9. luke is the size of most 1 year olds in the office
10. I really hate waiting


Anonymous said...

Luke is such a good kid. I couldn't believe there wasn't a peep out of him when he puked all over himself. I hope that the clean up wasn't too bad. Thanks for a great day all things considered. It's nice to go out with just one kid each, hey?

Michelle said...

The poor kid had 3 baths in an hour time frame...each time no crying when he did it. The first time him and his car seat got put into the bathtub. It was a lot of fun today

Erin said...

michelle as always i am amused by your lists

Michelle said...

I love lists...lists are great. Maybe i need to make a list about lists