Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This ones for Laura

The other day I was reading my friend Lauras post on "Firsts". In it she said that Beauty and The Beast was the 1st movie she remembered seeing in the theater. I remember going to this movie with her at least twice and the once was in Calgary and that was quite and exciting thing for me. Any ways some how I think we both got a little obsessed with it cause we also had the collectors cards for it (and the Little Mermaid).
Any ways, after reading her blog it made me have a nostalgic moment, so today I dusted of the good ol' VHS machine and pulled out my VHS copy of the movie and watched it with Taylor and her friends....and after all these years, it is still a great movie.

Little Miss Livie

Little Miss Livie....are you always going to be the one that gives mom the most grief when it comes to your health???
So of all the members of our not so little family, you Lou have spent time in all 4 of Calgarys hospitals...Not such a good thing to be known for.
The first weeks of your little life you spent at the Foothills hospital, where you gave us all a scare when you got s Staph Infection, then after a few weeks there they moved you and your womb mates in one isolet over to the Rocky Veiw Hospital (we loved when you little ones got moved was the first time mom and seen you all in one spot together). Not to long after being at the Rocky they told us that Sophie and Luke were ready to go home...but not you quite yet, what a sad day it was when we brought 2 of our 3 home and had to leave you there all by your self. Then due to a bed shortage you were moved to the PLC where you were there for 4 days (lets not get started on the bad experience we had there). We finally get you home. Live was busy but good, full of many tears, moments of laughter and a lot of joy.
Lets skip ahead some months later......sickness reaches the Morton home.
I sure was feeling lucky when you were the only one that didn't get sick, mom still worries about you lots cause your kinda on the tiny side still. But in true Livie form you had a different plan for mom, just as the other 2 were getting better and after what felt like a million trips to the E.R. to get all of your oxygen levels checkes you decide to get sick in a big way. Colds are not good when you are so little especially when it becomes bronchitis and RSV. So for the 3rd time in your life you took an ambulance again, this time from Strathmore Hospital to The Childrens Hospital. Where we spent a full night in the E.R. rooms waiting for a bed for you. By this point mom was very tired. Lucky for us that after being admitted Sunday Morning, you were able to come home Monday afternoon.
Livie you are such a trooper, and we are sure glad that you are home and feeling better.
Love mom