Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This ones for Laura

The other day I was reading my friend Lauras post on "Firsts". In it she said that Beauty and The Beast was the 1st movie she remembered seeing in the theater. I remember going to this movie with her at least twice and the once was in Calgary and that was quite and exciting thing for me. Any ways some how I think we both got a little obsessed with it cause we also had the collectors cards for it (and the Little Mermaid).
Any ways, after reading her blog it made me have a nostalgic moment, so today I dusted of the good ol' VHS machine and pulled out my VHS copy of the movie and watched it with Taylor and her friends....and after all these years, it is still a great movie.

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Laura said...

That's so funny, I just watched it a week ago :) Still just as great as I remembered!
Definitely worth the multiple trips to the theatre we took way back when.