Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So we had some Pictures of the babies and Taylor done a couple of weekends ago. And of the ones i have seen I am in love and still think that Devon is the greatest!!! The babies are still growing like weeds and Taylor loves them more everyday. She is such a big helper, and is able to get little smirks out of the three of them. This week looks like it should be more laid back then the past few...which is nice, I have a lot i need to get done and organized before the cold weather sets in and we do most of our playing inside. So this is kind of a random post and hopefully next time I will be able to come up with something more intelligent to say...but really this is the best it gets when lack of sleep is involved


The Spencers said...

Love the pictures, so cute!!! Hope all is going well.


ddphotography said...

thanks for saying im the greatest! i wouldnt go that far! lol

it was a pleasure to photograph your cute family, i only wish i would have gotten more shots! i think its an all day event! lol