Thursday, January 29, 2009


So today was a 1st for Taylor. We went skating at her friends place today...well sorta...there was a lot of sitting on the ice happening. Its a lot of work getting kids ready for skating...i admire all of you moms who have kids in hockey or any other skating sports. It took almost an 1 hour to get Taylor, Ethan and Julia ready for skating then they skated for about 20minutes. It was worth it though because they all had a lot of fun. Ethan does pretty good and impressed me by his ability to fall down, laugh so hard he had tears in his eyes then get back up, Taylor and Julia on the other hand had a harder was a 1st for both of them to be on the ice with skates...they did master standing on their own for 3.6 seconds then falling to the ice and deciding it was more fun just to sit there and laugh at Ethan.

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