Saturday, May 22, 2010


Confession Time...I buy boxes of Tim Bits and eat the ones I like and feed the cast off ones to my kids. Terrible I know, okay maybe not terrible but definitely selfish.

Confession...I am pleasantly plumper then I want to be cause I pick food off my kids plate. (seriously the food they drop on the floor could feed a small country in why waste perfectly good food that is still on the plate)

Confession...I often say yes with out realising what I have said yes to just to get a darling 4 year old out of my hair. I should really start paying more attention to what she is saying cause one day its going to come back to haunt me

Confession... I dance around like an idiot dancing to songs on play list.

Confession... I still think I am a great dancer even though the looks four kids are giving me tells me otherwise.

Confession...I often feel like I am living a life that isn't my own...hahahahaha oh right I have 4 kids, it isn't my own life

Confession... I love staying up far to late, Yet when I can drag myself out of bed I love the early morning

Confession...Smells Like Teen Spirit is playing on my play list

Confession...I prefer to eat fruit loops over any "adult" type cereal

Confession...I love living with the chaos of kids (most days)

Confession... I love having people over

Confession...I still think that if i wish hard enough and dream the dream that one day I will have the body I had in High School

Confession...I love being a mom, though some days it pushes me the the very edge of sanity

Confession...I have an awesome circle of friends...and I was lucky enough to have it grow after henfest 2010 (a blog post on this is coming soon)

Confession...I love to organize things and people to get stuff done

Confession...My 4 year old has suddenly become a big moral compass in my life especially when she decided that some had to be "nice first, mom" and went and talked to our neighbor.

Confession...I had the best night with Taylor tonight...I really took the time to stop and listen and play and have her help get stuff ready for tomorrow.



Erin said...

love the list
I alway thought i was so fat in high scool and now i wish i could be that size. as for the tim bites they will never know.

Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle.