Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our first family Vacation

So we have done it. We actually went on and survived our first family vacation (that wasn't to familys houses) since the triplets where born.

We went up to Kimberley to stay in our friends condo. It was awesome. The 6 hour drive consisted of Luke pointing out every cow, horse and bird along the way. Seriously the kid didn't sleep so we got a recap of all the animals, if there wasn't animals around then we were informed of every truck that went by. Taylor kept asking when will we be there and commenting on the fact that we were in the mountains, then asking if we were still in the mountains. Livie tried to escape her car seat the whole drive and when daddy actually wired the clip shut she screamed the rest of the way. Darling sweet Sophie is my favorite traveller, she played quietly with her baby and ate her snacks.

On the way home we stopped at the Radium Hotsprings, where I was reminded that it doesn't matter how bad you look in your swimming suit. Some tourist is going to have an outfit/swimsuit combo that makes you look like a model. I kid you not.

It was nice to be able to go on a vacation with our kids, it was a reminder of how far we have come in 3 years. We were able to go on walks with out the wagon or the stroller, look in shops, go swimming with just the 6 of us. Spent time listening to our kids babble (and they babble a lot), and just kick back and relax and enjoy one another.


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Erin said...

glad to see you are back posting and i love the comment about the swimsuit it always makes you feel good when you see what some people try and wear

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