Saturday, April 14, 2012

my 30th year

eeks did i just admit thatI am 30...not only barely 30 i am 30 and a half. I have a list of 31 thing I want to do before I am 31, So here is my list.

1. Go bridge jumping ( something that growing up was a big no no)
2. Go repeling
3. White Water Rafting
4. Get my whole house purged, organized and painted
5. Fit back into my wedding dress
6. Learn a new talent
7. Go to Las Vegas   ***done***
8. Go up the calgary tower
9. Run a 5km race
10. Write 10 letters to people that have had a huge impact on me
11. Read the Book of Mormon...not just read it truley study it.
12. Take my whole family camping
13. Donate Blood
14. spend at least 3 one on one dates with my 4 kiddos
15. volunteer at a community event
16. let my gaurd down allowing others to know me
17. Get shape
18. organize a games night
19. Spend more time with family
20. Plan and pull off a surprise trip for gary
21. Go to the Calgary Stampede
22. Ride the ride that goes across the stampede
23. Girls trip to the temple
24. Go 10 days with out facebook
25. Blog once a day for 30 days in a row ****day2****
26. go to shakespeare in the park
27. be secure with who i am
28. read the twilight series
29. make a meal plan for every week for a month a stick to it
30. write down my memories of my kiddos before i forget them
31. go ziplining with Jae

so some of these are kinda on the serious side....but hey its my blog and my list.
i will keep you updated....a lot are in the works.

Hugs and Kisses



Erin said...

i could for sure cross some of those off with you. hahaha

Michelle said...

Sounds good erin...we will have to do some together

The Spencers said...

What an awesome list! I love the idea. I should make a list for me.....but it would be 35 things I have to scary!! I hope things are going better with the kids sleeping. I seriously think it's a stage. My kids went through it....not sure if it's a triplet thing. Hang in there!