Friday, September 19, 2014

Where to Start...

I can't believe that it has been so long since I last posted on my poor lonely blog. I use to worry that no one wanted to read what I had to say, that it didn't matter to anyone but me...and for some reason feeling like no one wanted to read what I had to say made be stop blogging. 

Crazy I know, but time has evolved and so have I and really the real purpose of this blog is for me and my family. If you stop by and read it leave some love. But really I one day want my kids to be able to go back and look at this and it be a history of our family. 

So here it Goes... 
8 years old
Grade 3 

Wants to be a Horse trainer like Roxanne when she grows up. 

Loves Coke Slurpees and sour candies

Livie (Lafern)
6 years Old
Grade 1

Wants to be a Monkey Trainer when she grows up...cause we all know you throw bananas at monkeys to train them.

Loves Jaelynn as much as she loves Malcolm the monkey.

6 years old
Grade 1

Wants to be a farmer when he grows up and a Grandpa.

Loves watching mighty machines and eating popcorn.

6 years old
Grade 1

Wants to be a dance teacher and a hair dresser when she grows up

Loves doing her hair and posing when ever possible.

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Julie J said...

Cute! Keep blogging it's too fun not to ;)