Monday, April 20, 2009

Random Ramblings

Seeing as I still not an avid blogger I thought I would just ramble a few thoughts around that I never get around to blogging.

1. There is nothing better then walking into a room where you have 3 sets of eyes staring at the wonderful morning hair I have been left with after a visit from Ralph The Night Hairdresser (John Bytheway reference). At least they smile at me kick there feet and giggle when I pick them up. There older sister on the other hand in a very 3 going on 13 attitude tells me my hair is scary.

2. Teething sucks!!!! Yup that pretty much sums it think one child teething is bad...3 at a time is just some cruel joke that makes mommies want to lose there mind.

3. For some strange reason I have decided that I am losing all brain power and becoming dumber so I have decided to take Nursing classes part time through Bow Valley College.

4. I am leaving all 4 kids with Gary over night while I go to Time Out for Women in Edmonton. A little nerve racking for me cause I have never left the babies over night with him...and I think I have left Taylor a total of 5 nights with him ( 2 of which where when they went camping with Scott and Julia)

5. I am not so sure that I am going to be ready for the Vulcan Triathlon and might very well just die trying...good thing I have a month to train after Gary is done school

6. I love Spring...hate mud covered children traipsing through the house

7. Funny Fact the triplets can generate 1 load of laundry from bedtime to morning.

8. I hate doing laundry

9. As crazy as it sounds i am very much looking forward to camping this summer with my whole little crew

10. Its nice to say that in 2 weeks time Gary being in University will be one bad dream we will never have to live again.

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