Sunday, June 21, 2009

How Far We Have Come...Surviving the First year

Sorry the post is after all the pictures....I never think to upload the pictures first.

the morton and johnson triplets....I promise all had a good time till we took pictures!

Livie and her Cake...she was a lot messier then I thought she would be

Sophie....she looks a little frightened of her candle

Luke....he was one excited get a whole cake to himself.

So even as I write this post I can't believe that one year has come and gone so quickly. But when I look back at the year I really can believe that they are one already....I have had a years worth of not sleeping well, going from 30 diapers a day (preemie diapers at that and there are only 30 in a package), 24 bottles a day, 3 hour feed schedules where from start to finish it took just over 2 hours to feed, burp, change, settle, then start again 45 minutes after finishing the last round of feeds, 3 infant car seats, 3 swings, 3 cribs, one 2 year old that sometimes just doesn't understand, and 2 parents that for a month and a half never slept at the same fast forward one year and here we are....12 diapers a day, babies feeding themselves finger foods, 12 bottles a day, babies holding own bottles, 8-11 hour sleep schedule at night, one long nap in the afternoon, no more infant carrier car seats, no more swings constantly rocking away in the living room, toys scattered from one end of the house to the other...3 little ones that are always at my feet and one who tries to suck on my toes or pant legs when ever the chance arises. 3 very different and unique personalities, and one 3 year old that loves that the babies actually play with her now, 2 parents that actually get a full night sleep (most nights).
With a year full of ups and downs, we have loved every moment of it, and even though multiples present there own set of challenges and struggles there are many things that as a mom / family of multiples that I/we have gotten the privilege to experience that others may not get the chance to. One of those things is that there is always a child who wants cuddles and loves, but when mom is not available to always fill the need we often find that they cuddle with each other. The sounds of 3 giggling babies at the same time and knowing that those giggles not many months prior where all in NICU fighting the battle of being so early, Going into a room where 3 sets of voices are babbling away with each other, then stop to see me there and wait for me to pick them up. The main one is the fact then when you have one baby at a time it is often hard to think that even at a young age that there personalities are really developed or how different they may be compared to others....well I am hear to tell you that when you have 3 the same age you see many different personality traits in them a lot earlier then we did with Taylor.

I am excited to see what the next year will bring...I have my apprehensions cause when you think of everything one toddler can get into on its own and then triple that number it makes me a little nervous, but with each day it is an adventure, an adventure I for one would not want to miss.


Jenn said...

Congrats on surviving the first year!!

The Spencers said...

Yeah you made it!!! I had to laugh at your post, brings so many memories!! It's funny you end one stage and go into another. I always said that if we survived the first year with our triplets than we can do anything. I still think thats true. Looking back the first year was for sure the hardest. Way to go you guys! Your kids are so cute.


Michelle said...

Thanks...I am so with you on once you get through the first year anything is possible