Sunday, August 30, 2009

Personal Space

So this may come off a little ranty and for those of you who don't want to listen to me rant...well either stop reading or listen to the ranting. LOL

So anyone who knows me very well at all knows that I have personal space issues. I don't mind sharing my personal space...especially with people I know and love, I don't even mind sharing it with people I just sorta like. That being said I still like my personal space.

Having kids really infringes on personal space, simply because they rely on you for everything and they need all that love and cuddles they can get. I don't mind that, I enjoy it. That being said there are often times that when I sit down to play with all my kids I feel like I am getting attacked by a litter of puppies, cause it doesn't take long to have all three babies and Taylor fighting for that attention. It can be over whelming but I can simply give hugs and kisses and get off the floor.

During a college practicum we took what they call a "Circles Class", in this it teaches our clients that there are circles around us and who is allowed in each circle space (for safety sakes) and who we can allow into our circles. Well the circle closes to us is a red circle meaning meant for those we love and trust but people we don't know have no right in our red circle and should cause alarm.

Well for me my red circle is a very much full circle very much in titled for those I love...and when random strangers enter that circle it can almost send me up the wall, simply because it so intrusive and often very uncomfortable. Sorry this is getting long before I even get to the point of this post.

I am trying my best to live a "normal" life, by doing all the things a family would do if they only had one baby at a time. By doing this though I often feel that as soon as people notice we have triplets we become a main focus for people. Don't get me wrong, I knows its not common to see triplets, and some looks are to be expected. But seriously who walks up to someone and their kids doesn't say a word and starts to video or take pictures of man seriously got 12 inches away from the triplets faces. Instantly my red circle flags went up. Its one thing to ask to take pictures or even just ask questions but to start taking Pictures like we are some kind of tourist attraction with out even talking to us really upsets me.

Its hard enough to try and live a normal life, but to always become the center of attention when we go and and get noticed, makes it a little hard to want to go and do things all the time. That being said it wont stop us from going out with them and i will continually try to keep that awkward smile on my face, and politely answer questions (that aren't to personal-so a post for another day), because we want our kids to have a well rounded life. Maybe when random strangers start taking pictures of my kids with out talking to me, I will pull out my camera and start taking pictures of them with out talking to them


Jenn said...

I COMPLETELY understand!!! Some people seem to think that when you have triplets, you become public property!

The Spencers said...

I too agree. It drives me INSANE!!! It also drives me crazy when people refer to my 3 little girls as "the triplets". They do have names. We don't refer to other kids as "the boy" or "the girl". Anyways sounds like I need to do my own ranting post!! ha ha ha! I totally agree with you though. We do have to try to do things like normal families. It just makes it harder with 3! I have to admit that this summer has been the easiest summer yet. It's been nice! I enjoyed your post!

Michelle said...

thanks for the comments. Its nice to know others understand.