Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seriously...those antics have got to stop

So the problem with preemies is that they are tiny so i often forget how old they really are (and really every day melts into the next...i am sure when they are 12 maybe time will seem real again), anyways back on topic. So seeing as they are little they pull these horrendous antics and i think holy crap you are way to young to be doing this then i realise they are one and so the antics x3 will happen. Today was one of those days.

every morning when the babies wake up Taylor goes into their room first to keep them happy while i make breakfast. Well this morning i hear Taylor goes "oh no babies you are all in big trouble" the babies start to giggle , then Taylor goes "you are all very naughty and mommy is going to be MAD" So I call into Taylor and ask what is going on "Mom the babies are naked". I thought no they will at least still have there diapers on. So I asked her if they still had there diapers on and she told me I went into the room and sure enough 3 sets of jammies on the floor accompanied by 3 diapers...3 completely naked babies. URGGGGGG.
I take them from there room clean them up put them in their highchairs to eat breakfast and quickly take all the bedding down stairs to be washed....I hear Taylor yelling at Luke...You are being very naughty and you are going to be in trouble. I rush upstairs and her has gotten peanut butter all over him, his sisters, 3 highchairs and the wall. (never underestimate how far peanut butter can go from one sandwich).
Get that mess cleaned up get through the morning...time for nap time. Work like a mad women cleaning and painting. Go to get the babies out of their room from nap and walk in on Luke being naked and Jumping up and down in his crib...while peeing and it going everywhere.

I could have seriously sat down and has been a long week and this was the last straw.

I use to say if i could survive there first year then it would get easier after that. I was DEAD WRONG!!!! I think the 1st year was the easiest and if I survive till they graduate from high school then it will get easier


Jenn said...

I am sorry Michelle, I have had MANY of those kinds of days, and sometimes all you can do is sit on the floor and cry! - and count down the hours until bed time!! I wish I could say "hope things get better soon!", but I know they won't! Hang in there, and know that you are NOT alone!! If you ever want to vent/chat, feel free to email me! (Sorry, I am probably not the most motivating person right now!)

The Spencers said...

The joys of kids, eh?! I totally feel for you. After reading your post I sat here and tried to remember when my girls were that age. I totally agree with what you said about the days melting into each other. My girls are almost 4 now and it shocks me. It's getting a little better, but we still have days like that. I have sat on the floor and cried (like when all 3 got into the fridge and broke every egg there was on the floor). You should of seen the shocked look on their faces, then they sat on my lap and cried with me! Anyways, hang in there. Hey we are moving to Magrath soon, so when you guys visit your families we'll have to meet up. It'd be fun to see you and your kids. Hope your day goes good!


(PS Yesterday Abbi came in the room after she finished cutting ALL her bangs off. She looks horrible and there's no way for us to fix it. So I have a cute hat she'll be wearing for a while! Crazy kids!)