Tuesday, September 29, 2009

an eerie quiet!

I was sitting here thinking of how quiet it is in the house for 4 kids being awake and the Gilmore Girls not being on. I started to think wow I might get some stuff done, stuff that really needs to be done seeing as we have lots of company comming this weekend. But once again the silence didn't last long...not long at all. I am trying to enjoy every phase and am trying to convince myself that one day they will be in school and the house will be quiet from 8am till 3:30pm everyday and that I will be lonley when that day comes. Who am I KiDdInG when that day comes I am going to finally get my house clean and it stay that way all day, I am going to get to take an uninterupted shower and have a Nap or two to catch up on all the sleep I have lacked in. But for now I will accept the noise, embrace the noise and buy some really good EAR PLUGS.

side note: for those who don't know this I watched the Gilmore Girls a lot when I was pregnant with the triplets and ever since they came home if we put it on when things are crazy in the house it settles them all down really fast. Also that is where Taylor got Lukes name from

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