Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor

Lets Just start with that Taylor totally picked the picture for this post (its kinda old...June/09) Today Taylor is I can't believe that she is that old already. We tried doing her birthday party on the weekend but due to crappy weather and her not feeling super good it didn't really happen. Though she got to see some of her favorite people as well as decided that Jessa and Jaime are lots of fun ..."those silly girls in the van".

So to celebrate Taylors 4th birthday blog style here are 4 stories/antics about her

1. If it didn't happen today or tomorrow it happened "lasterday". Everything is "lasterday" even if it was a year ago. That being said she remembers EVERYTHING. Don't tell this girl anything you don't intend on following up on.

2. Last year when the Harris' got their trampoline and Taylor would go over there to play I would ask her what she did and she always told me they went "tramping" on the "jumpoline". Loved it. Now she is excited to have our own Jumpoline

3. All she talks about lately is how next year she gets to go to school. It makes me said that it has come that fast and she will be gone 2 days a week next year. She loves doing workbooks and loves to tell stories and play pretend. The new thing in this house is that she role plays all the time, I love watching her play she is always super creative.

4. Most of all she is a good big sister. Though a little rough from time to time. She does love the babies. She is a good friend and loves to play with them. We love her tons and she is such a character...

Happy Birthday Taylor

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