Sunday, October 25, 2009

So I may be a tad bit OCD

So I very rarely write anything about me, but the past couple of weeks with sick kids including a 4 day stay at the hospital with Livie has left me a lot of time to think. I know a dangerous past time, good thing it doesn't happen very often. Seeing as I have partaken in this dangerous past time I decided to post a few rarities about myself that a lot of people may not know.

1. I can NOT sleep if there are any of my Kitchen cupboard doors left the extreme that if Gary gets up in the night to get something and I didn't hear him close the door I have to get out of bed no matter how tired I am and check.

2. Keeping things on the back of toilets gross me out...and why people have open shelves behind there toilets holding toothbrushes is something i can not even fathom. This may come from living in a Divey apartment where that was the only shelf and having to replace toothbrushes once a week cause they feel onto/into the toilet.

3. I walk around my house all day making sure that toilet seats are down...cause once again the toilet thing grosses me out.

4. I sleep better if my room is slightly untidy. Don't know why but I do.

5. I like to change my hair color according to seasons

6. Garys ugly cowboy boots that he wears all the time (they use to be chore ones from his dads house) drive me crazy...don't get me wrong if he wants to wear cowboy boots well good on him....but do they have to be those ones?

7. I will be/am the wife that has bleach accidents to rid ugly clothes out of my husbands closet

8. I mock people who wear their socks pulled up all the way when they are not meant to be worn that way...and yet poor daughter wore her socks like that to church today and i couldn't say anything cause daddy had gotten 2 of the babies ready for church

9. I only wear ankle socks any other kind of socks make my feet and ankles feel claustrophobic

10. I can't sleep in both feet are covered by blankets making sleeping in a sleeping bag awful when we camp

11. I need at least 4 pillows at night to sleep well

12. I love lists...i feel accomplished with lists

So i know this is a very random post...and now i have let you into a select few oddities that make up me... stay tuned you never know what i may disclose next

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Erin said...

michelle i enjoyed learning a little about you and i would also have to agree with you on a few points 1. things on the back of a toilet and 2. the sock thing too funny