Monday, February 22, 2010

a new 10 list...10 things that have happend lately

It has been a while since I blogged about the randomness in my life so once again here is a 10 list.

1. Gary and I are going away this weekend...the first time we have gone anywhere by our selves since Taylor was born

2. Jessa and Jaime may never want to watch our kids again after this weekend

3. Heather Rocks

4. I still hate barf..this was reinforced by 3 21month olds who did this for 3 days and don't understand the to barf on the carpet...couch...chair...or siblings rule. So mom followed them around with the carpet cleaner and many baths

5. Livie loves to look at her self in puddles

6. Livie hates falling in said puddles when she has bent over to far to see herself

7. I am often Hangry (yup you read it right)

8. Luke may have to have surgery (poor boy)

9. Sophie may need glasses

10. My life is still crazy but a ton of fun

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