Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge

So i am in a weight loss challenge with 4 other friends and I am really enjoying it, I am feeling better, less cranky and have more energy. That being said I am still struggling with it as well so I have decided to take the big step of telling the blogging world what my start weight was so that then Its out there and I will look at it all the time and want it to change so bad that it motivates me to work harder. So here it is 204. I am gringing that i just put that out there...but it is a starting point and I am a work in progress.

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The Spencers said...

Good for you. Your awesome!!! Funny that I read this today, because I have been having the same thoughts for myself. I just started running everyday (last week) and it feels great. I actually look forward to going. Crazy, eh?! But I kept going back and forth whether I was going to blog about it. I think I will! Have to lose all this baby weight!!! Good luck in the weight loss challenge!