Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Fun Night

Taylor got to pick what we were doing for our family fun activity today. What did she choose?well after all the options given to her (skating, park, walk, going to the city to the zoo ect.) she told me she wanted to go to the car wash as a family. Yup that's right after all the options presented to her she choose that...oh lets not forget we had to get Slurpee's and drink them while at the car wash.

Gary was at work today so after the triplets woke up from there nap I loaded the kids up and headed for the car wash. We ended up waiting in line for 45 minutes to get into the car wash, thank goodness for the DVD player in my van and an episode of Little House on the Prairie, or we may have had a major melt down. We finally get into the car wash and Taylor was so excited laughing giggling ect. But when the water got to the back of the van we had a fantastic display of 3 melting down 18 mos. olds. Sophie was so scared she was doing her crying that she does when she is in the swing at the park and was starting to turn purple from being so scared (so not joking she does it on the swings to and it looks like she is having a fit of some sort). Poor Luke had the most shocked and scared look on his face and his bottom lip started to tremble then he let out the saddest cry i have ever heard. Livie was in the middle of the two of them and she was holding each of there hands and her whole body was shaking and she had tears rolling down her cheek. It was the longest 3.5 minutes of there poor little lives I am sure. It was more traumatizing then getting there shots.

So as much fun as family fun activity was meant to be only Taylor had a good week mom gets to pick.


The Spencers said...

That is hillarious. I love that she picked the car wash. Too funny. I remember the first time I took my girls through the "touchless" carwash. It was so loud, I looked in the back and all I could see were all 3 of my girls with their mouths wide open (obvisouly screaming), but I couldn't hear them at all. The carwash was that loud. It was crazy! So that's why I can laugh.

Anonymous said...

Lexi slept when we through last week. It's nice when they still do that.

cassy said...

that is awesome. Glad taylor thought it was fun. Sorry the triplets were freakin out but hey good memories and a great story for when they are older and want to go to the carwash for a family fun activity:)