Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big Step in the Right Direction

There are many moments that as a mom I can say have been great mommy moments. I had another one of those moments today.

I called the NICU to check on our little ones and found out that Sophie and Luke have been moved to the same curtain spot!!!! If that wasn't exciting enough, the nurse then told me that Sophie no longer needed her Protein and Lipids that they have been giving her by IV cause she is gaining and maintaining her weight very well, so that means if she continues that way she will have her IVs all removed in a couple of days and only have her nose prongs and feeding tube. They also said that tomorrow they are going to try and take Luke off his protein and lipid IV and if he does well he too will have his IVs removed. I am so excited at the prospect of being able to see and hold them with out so much attached to them all the time.

Livie is recovering still from her infection, but is doing very well, she is growing fast and has had no bratys today, which means that when her infection is all cleared up she should be moving to the A pod, and after being there she is closer to being in the same curtain area with the other two.

Taylor has been having a lot of fun being home, and can't seem to get enough of playing outside and with her friends. I am going to miss her tons when she is gone for 2 weeks, but at least when she gets home I should be doing almost everything that I want to do again.

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