Friday, June 27, 2008

Grandpa's Vist With Sophie

Last night after moving the new Play Center into our backyard. Grandpa Morton and I went into the NICU to see the babies. The nurse told us it wasn't to long till she needed to feed Sophie and at the same time her isolet needed changed so if we wanted to stay we could hold her while she did all the things that she needed to.
That being said Grandpa got his first cuddles with Sophie. So far other then Gary and I he is the only one to have gotten cuddle time with any of the babies.
Today Sophie will move onto what they call full feeds of a whopping 13ml of formula every 2 hours, she well get that until she is almost 34 weeks and we start introducing her to the bottle then her feeds will start to go up again. Tomorrow Luke will be up to his full feeds as well. Livie is getting better everyday and we are hoping that in the next couple of days the drs. will have more of an idea what they are going to do with her, so that they can start increasing her feeds and start getting her ready to move to the A pod. It will be nice to have then all in the same area.

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