Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Begginings

Who says blog spots are easy??? I have a hard time deciding what to write and how to get started. So bear with me as a muddle through getting this whole blogging thing down. I will admit that one of the main reasons I am starting this blog is that we get many questions daily on how the triplets are doing, and I find myself sending the same message over and over again. At least here I can post pictures and information and keep our families and friends updated. Especially seeing as my time is limited and I generally forget to send pictures to those who ask ect.

So quick update. The babies are all doing great. For those of you who don't know they where born on June 11, 2008. Livie Myrna weighed 2lbs 6oz, Luke Myron weighed 2lbs 7oz and Sophie Lynne weighed 2lbs 7oz.

Taylor is so in love with them and this week she was able to hold their hands when we went to see them with her. The babies are all doing wonderful and are starting to fill out there features. Livie had a rough spell for a couple of days, but is bouncing back fast. Sophie and Luke have been moved to A pod, which is a great step, cause it means we are getting closer to being transfered to the PLC. Which would be great cause it isn't as long of a drive in everyday.

Taylor just got back from a week in Magrath where she had a ton of fun. We missed her tons and are glad to have her back.

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