Friday, June 27, 2008

Family Night at the NICU

Tonight we went to the NICU with Taylor. She hasn't been very many times, but she does pretty good for the most part when we are there. She was very excited that she got to sit on my lap while i held Luke. All she kept asking for was to hold his hand.
Today was a big day for all the babies. Livie (top Picture) no longer has her nose prongs. Yay...we finally are getting to see more of her face. Luke and Sophie have been doing so good on there feeds that both of there IVs came out today. It was so nice to hold them and they not be attached to as many things any more. The Drs. are hoping they are off there nose prongs to in the next week.

Gary got his first cuddles with Sophie tonight and she is looking like such a big girl now that the nurses are putting sleepers on her. So tommorow i will be washing premie clothes so that they are wearing there own clothes.

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Laura said...

I am loving the blog, the babies are adorable. Keep the updates comes. I'm so happy for you that they're doing well.