Monday, July 7, 2008

Good Bye Foot Hills---------Hello Rocky View

So after 24 days our time at the Foot Hills NICU has come to an end, we miss our fabulous nurses we had there and the friends we met, but graduating to the Rocky View means one step closer to home. Don't get me wrong when they called and said they were transferring the babies I was a little disappointed that it wasn't to the PLC. Who am I kidding I was hugely disappointed. It only took 5 minutes of being at the Rocky View NICU and I was in love with the surroundings...its nice to have big windows, the nurses, and the fact that we can be way more hands on with our little ones now. In the past 3 days Gary and I have logged way more cuddle time with them then we did the whole first 24 days of their lives, and it has been great!

So quick update on the three. Sophie is such a happy little girl who loves her cuddles. She weighs 3 pounds now and is eating every 3 hours.

Livie is quickly catching up, her last IV is out and she has increased her feeds and is eating every 2 hours, she loves cuddles but get over stimulated easily (she didn't get any holding or cuddling for 10 days after she was sick so it has been hard on her getting use to being held again-no worries though they say it won't last long). Her weight is up to 2lbs 15oz. Really good for a little one that at one point weighed less then 2 lbs.

Luke is growing big so fast he already weighs 3 lbs 8 oz, and is super long. He gets upset when his sisters are being held and not him, and when you are done holding him he needs to be placed on his stomach so that he doesn't get as up set that he isn't being held any more.

Seeing as something happened when i was uploading pictures I will add the ones of Luke and Gary with Luke in my next post.

The top picture is of Sophie, the middle one of Livie and the last one is of me being able to give kisses to Sophie for the first time with nothing on her face. (they were changing her g-tube)
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