Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nurse Alexis is the best!!!!

So having been NICU parents for almost 6 weeks now we are finding that we and our babies prefer some nurses over others. Nurse Alexis has become by far my favorite nurse for our little trio. She is always so patient and kind, goes the extra mile for us and is a very easy person to be around, which in our case is very good. Nurses are assigned 3 babies per shift so usually they are working with three different babies/families and in 3 different curtain areas, seeing as we have 3 in our troop the nurse that has them only has them which means we get to spend a lot of time with our nurses. We greatly appreciate all the care we have received by the nurses, but some do stand out more then others. Alexis being one of them...she knows our babies personalities, there likes and dislikes and seems to be able to get them to progress in ways that marvel us. Also Taylor likes her...which for those of you who know her, she likes to play shy and give people the one over, so for her to like Alexis so much is great cause it makes our trips to the NICU so much easier. She still plays shy with her, but she trusts her so that is what matters.
The babies are all getting big and today Alexis had me hold all 3 at one time, wow what a great/overwhelming moment. It was so nice to hold all three at one time and get a good look at them so close together. Poor Luke looks absolutely huge next to his sisters. But the girls are quickly catching up. They are all doing well and are bottling most of their feeds.
As for Taylor she is very happy to be back at home with us and all her stuff...she had a busy week last week, going to the zoo and Heritage Park catching up on some greatly missed play time with her friends. This week will be a fun week too cause Aunt Myrna is coming to stay with us for a couple of days. I will admit that I am very excited to have her come stay with us.

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The Spencers said...

Hi this is Janae again! (left a comment on your last entry!) Anyways, I have enjoyed reading about your cute little babies. It is totally bringing back memories when my 3 were in NICU. And I totally agree with you some nurses were just awesome and made things so much easier! I held my girls all together the day I left the hospital. That was our first "family picture". It's pretty cute and they all look so tiny. Cadence was our smallest (and still is!). She was just over 4lbs when we brought her home. She kept failing the carseat test so they let us borrow a special carseat where she is laying down flat and then we buckle her in. She was in that for 6 weeks and then we had to bring her back to the hospital so she could pass the carseat test in her own. And she did!! Lots of memeories. hope your all doing well!