Sunday, July 27, 2008

Little miss Taylor...all the excitement has finally caught up to her

Needless to say this summer has been a very eventful one and poor Taylor has just been on the go the whole time and has seemed to forgotten that she had a good schedule. That and sad as it is to me she is out growing naps. But finally this week everything has started to catch up to her and she has been very exhausted. That and she has been fighting a cold and sore throat and has not been her self. Any ways these are a couple of the funny pictures we have gotten of her this week. And the one where she is wearing her hat...I swear she was home with her dad all day and that was not of my doing. LOL.

Since most of the posts have been based around the babies I thought that I would do a quick top 10 list of Taylorisms.
1. clocklet milk (chocolate milk) must be asked for at least 10 times before 8am
2. gritting your teeth...making muscles and grring makes mom and dad laugh a lot...even though mom pretends to hate it
3.When in doubt dance...this girl will dance to anything
4. Wearing your flips on the wrong feet will result in falling...though you keep doing it
5.Playing with friends is a muchly loved activity
6. Tramping is really jumping on the tramp.(seriously she cracks me up)
7. Every bird is an owl.
8. Coloring book pages make great maps.
9. Tutus can be worn with everything
10. Cowboy boots look great with PJs.

Taylor is a very funny girl and will be a great big sister

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