Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Little Things that Matter

While talking to another mom at the NICU, we were discussing how the littlest things that most parents take for granted, change once you have a child in the NICU, then those littlest things become big things. Such examples are touching them and holding them for the first time. the first time we got to hold the syringe while the babies ate through their g-tube, getting to dress them in sleepers for the first time and actually being the person who dressed them, even changing their diapers becomes a big thing. Every milestone they reach and surpass with flying colors gives us even more reason to be excited and relieved at the same time.
There has been many little things that have become big things this week, Sophie decided to pull her nose prongs off herself and they decided that if she was doing that then she no longer needed them, Livie got moved into the A-pod and they are hoping that in a few days she will be eating enough to take her IVs out, and Luke has been moved from 2 hour feedings to 3 hour feedings. A major little thing that was huge to us, was being able to hold Luke and Sophie together tonight. It was one of the best feelings ever, especially when they started to wiggle around and get in there comfortable spots with one another. We were lucky enough to have them together for about an hour. It was a little sad that one of them was missing, but we are hoping that it won't be to much longer till we can hold all 3 together.
Another thing that I have realized this week, is that as much as I hate having toys underfoot all day, and watching Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses, Franklin and Little Bear, and listening to elmo's song EVERY time we get into the van....that I miss Taylor so much when she is gone and wouldn't trade being a mom for anything.
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