Saturday, November 14, 2009

2am and I can't sleep

So really its 2 am and here I am blogging...slightly regretting drinking the whole can of Full Throttle on the way home from Magrath, I may still very well be up when the babies are getting up. If I was smart I would use this time wisely and clean my know the parts you never get to. But sadly those parts are in 3 rooms with 5 sleeping people, so not the best time to clean. So here you are my very few loyal readers another random post.
I wouldn't say i lead a boring life, but when talking to a friend that i haven't seen in a while and she asked what has been going on and whats new...sadly I couldn't think of anything super exciting in my life. Unless you count that we only use 12 diapers here a day instead of 24-30.
But seeing as it is 2 am you lucky readers get to enjoy the random thoughts and odd things that i have noticed lately.
1. I love to read stupid meaning on Licence Plates must admit my all time favorite Ih8myex...some divorced person went one step further in declaring there detest for there ex.
2. Think its pretty funny that Jaime has a fear of hippos and jessa has the same fear of mice as i do
3. Thinks it awesome that Jaime and Jessa went so far out of there comfort zone for taylor at the zoo...girls norman loves you
4. I have decided that I am not the most patient person when it comes to people asking dumb butt questions: example- "wow are those triplets? Your stroller is really big I bet it doesn't go through doors very well. does it shrink down small enough to go through doors with out taking the kids out?" poor lady she may never get the answer to this 20 min. conversation she had to herself while staring at my little family. Seriously Lady get a clue/
5. Even better...the lady that stops right in front of my stroller and and stares at my kids...then when I ask her to move tells me she isn't done looking at them. Lady you paid to see the zoo animals not my kids...and though we may look like a zoo we are not. Thanks Taylor for finally crashing the stroller into the lady
6. Really dumb vinyl-seriously people what the crap are you thinking...a sign on the toilet bowl with a swimmer saying no swimming-whirlpool ahead. YIKES and can we say TACKY
7. the ever long pink/brown/blue/white/purple debate (those who know me well will get this)
8. I am one day going to make my millions by making a drive-thru that serves slurpees only...every mother will thank me.
9. That here i am wearing a barbie bandaid cause in this house we don't have regular band aids its either barbie, my little pony or spiderman here.
10. everyone stops in Claresholm at the 7/11 and they seriously have the GROSSEST bathrooms ever.
Well here is the end of another random rambling...sorry guys remember 2 am when writing this

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TinaLaRae said...

Wow 2 am!? Just letting you know I love reading your posts.