Monday, November 23, 2009

oh poop!

Sorry guys this is a gross post involving the word poop and a lot of it. I hate poop...from past posts you will have noted that I have issues with toilets ect. Well this is way grosser then toilets.

I have a friend that has had poop issues with her kids and I was always supremely grossed out by it. I always hoped and prayed that we wouldn't have the same issues. But leave it to Sophie to push those limits. She has this awful fascination with her poop. There are times that when i go and get her from her crib she is covered in poop and poor Livie is too because that is one of the downfalls of co-bedding (that and being puked on). It is so gross and I am told not to make a huge issue of it because it will become a harder habit to break. But it is seriously gross on many different levels and there are times that I do want to yell and scream and cry cause poop is gross.

Today Sophie pushed my limits to far. I could hear Livie freaking out...and went down to the babies room and found Sophie pulling poop out of Livies diaper and Livie freaking out.

Seriously what a disgusting habit. Almost puked i am not going to lie.

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Jenn said...

Okay, that IS gross!!! Thankfully my kids have never had poop issues! Hopefully yours will grow out of it soon! Good luck! lol!