Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh the tale of one shaved leg...

There is nothing worse then one shaved leg...but lately that seems to be my fate. It never fails that as soon as I get into the shower...the shaving cream on my leg and almost done one leg that there is a "tragedy" of some sort that pulls me from hairless bliss. So I quickly finish the leg i am doing and rinse off quick and go deal with lifes ups and downs of 1 preschooler and 3 toddlers. To make the tale of one shaved leg worse...there is nothing like going to the pool with your daughter and you haven't remembered that only one leg is shaved till you are standing there slightly uncomfortable with the fact that you are going out in public in swimming suit in a post baby body, but then to look down and realise that your one leg is hairless and the other looks like some bushwomans leg that has been neglected for a while. Which then leads me to wonder...Did I really not get to shaving the same leg twice in a row. Dang mommy brain.

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Anonymous said...

I think that people won't even see your leg.. they are too bust staring at your kids. Besides you are blonde, you've got it easy in the hair department.