Friday, November 20, 2009

Handy Mandy

A few weeks ago we went got pictures done by Mandy Baker...and she did an amazing job. She took on A 4 year old, 3 17 month olds and a 5 month old. With only a few mild melt downs...2 babies tumbling out of the wagon and a bunch of cute pictures I would say the shoot was a success. Taylor kept calling her handy mandy (she watches handy manny all the time). Taylor thought she was such a big helper. And even informed Mandy that her fish might die if she didn't fix its water. Any way ... here is a link to her fastest way to find our pics is to click on family then scroll down till you see us.

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The Spencers said...

Oh my goodness what cute pictures. I love your family picture. So cute. Good luck with the crib issue, sorry I couldn't of been more help. Hang in there!