Sunday, November 22, 2009


So I have have lived in this delusional world that I would be able to keep the triplets in their cribs for at least another six months...but atlas those thoughts have quickly been dashed.

I went down to get the babies up from their nap to find only 2 of 3 in cribs...suddenly my heart started to race to see where Sophie had gotten to, and found her under the crib playing with her toys. How she got out of the crib is a mystery to me. There was no crying or anything coming from their room.

So I think it is time to maybe start thinking about toddler beds, though i am not sure I AM ready for the big move. Any ways if any of you know of any good deals on toddler beds let me know.

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Godlonton Family Adventures said...

Crawling out of cribs sucks! You just wonder what to do with them! My kids were older when they started...not till after 18 mons. But we tried a toddler bed with Brody and he just out grew it so fast I didn't think it was worth the investment. We thenwent to a mattresson the floor, which worked well. I think with Cooper he will go into a bed, but it is quite low, no box spring and we have one of those bed rail things. Good luck, I hope they give you a couple more months of confinement to enjoy!! LOL!